What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way of helping to resolve issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship with the assistance of an independent and impartial mediator. It helps separating couples improve their communication and, where there are children, to keep the focus on their best interests. We can assist you in finding creative solutions to disputes involving children and money.

As mediators, we do not give legal advice but we will give you general information about the law and how it might apply in your situation and other implications. We will also ensure that any settlement you are considering is realistic and practical.

Key Points

  • It is private and confidential.
  • It is voluntary.
  • You retain control of the outcome which is often lost when the Court becomes involved.
  • It promotes and encourages better communication.
  • It enables you to create tailor-made solutions.
  • It is child focused.
  • It is generally faster and cheaper than going to Court.
  • Your legal rights are not affected.
  • The Courts now expect anyone involved in a family dispute to explore mediation to help resolve matters.
  • It gives you an opportunity to be heard in a safe and respectful environment.

Phoenix Mediation

Mediation services we can provide

  • Face-to-face meetings with you both in the same room.
  • In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate for the mediator to work with each of you in separate rooms.
  • Co-mediation with other mediators and professionals, such as psychotherapists. This can be particularly useful in high conflict disputes.
  • Mediation involving your solicitors, particularly where there is a complex dispute.
  • Direct consultation with children. Sometimes, it can be helpful for us to meet with children involved in a dispute to establish their views and wishes. A number of our members are qualified to undertake child-inclusive mediation.
  • Disputes involving extended family.

Mediation and Information Assessment Meetings

Under the new Court rules, you should attend a MIAM (either separately or together) before issuing Court proceedings over a financial matter or children dispute. At the meeting, we will provide information about mediation and other ways which may assist the resolution of any dispute. We can also provide you with information about the various agencies which may be able to assist.