Mediation - What is it, and how can it help me?


Mediation is a process to help couples who have decided to separate or divorce to talk things through. Mediators are trained to help parties reach agreement about how to make the best arrangements for the future.  This may be about the way the children are cared for, what is going to happen to the pet dog, or how finances will be organised.


Mediation eases the pain of family breakdown because it:

  • Reduces tension and hostility
  • Helps parties make informed decisions that are right for their circumstances
  • Keeps communication channels open
  • Saves the cost of expensive court battles
  • Helps children by showing parents working together to solve issues.


Mediators give impartial guidance to help parties understand what matters to them, and to make their own choices about the best way forward.  Mediators help parties reach practical solutions which they feel are fair for both parties and their families.  Mediation is a much cheaper alternative to court proceedings.


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